People in Bucharest have stood out against compulsory vaccination on the 13th of august 2017, in front of Antipa Museum in Victoria Square.
The protest started at 15:00 and finished after 17:00. At around 17:00, there were about 1000 people in the square, not 100, not 150, not 200 as the press(media) has written! Besides Bucharest, there have been similar marches in Piatra Neamt, Cluj, Iasi, Brasov, Galati and Timisoara.

They protested for the freedom of choice, for us and our children.

Vaccination is a medical act. No medical act should be compulsory!
Vaccination implies risks, those risks being specified even in the prospects of the vaccines.

Some of the messages soon at the protest were:

  • Say NO to compulsory vaccination
  • I refuse compulsory vaccination
  • My child, my choice!
  • My body, my choice!
  • Where there is a risk, there must to be a choice!
  • Our children are not your guinea pigs!
  • Health does not come from the syringe!
  • Parents decide for their children, not the state!
  • Obligation = the third Reich!
  • Vaccines are not safe and efficient !
  • Take your hands off Romanian’s children!
  • Children are protected by their parents, not by corrupted ministers!
  • Freedom is a right! Vaccination is a choice!
  • You forgot about the BCG vaccines victims in Denmark (2012)!
  • You forgot about the children with SHU in 2016!
  • Epidemics of children with autism, cancer, allergies, asthma, obesity or diabetes
  • Romania: on the first place in EU when talking about toilets in the backyard or lock of water!
  • Compulsory Vaccinations? I refuse to poison my child!
  • When they are compulsory medicines, there is no freedom!
  • Say NO to medical dictatorship!

A few details about the Bill.

The vaccination Bill, published on the 31st of July 2017 on the official site of the Health Department proposes the compulsory vaccination of the children and the adults as will, and even accusing the parents who refuse vaccination of medical negligence! According to the Children’s Rights, the medical negligence is forbidden ! According to the Criminal Code “medical negligence” can be punished with prison from 3 to 7 years. Before imprisonment, there are also other penalties: warning or fines from 500 to 10.000 lei.

Vaccination will become compulsory even for children suffering from autism, Dawn syndrome, allergies, for children and adults suffering from different autoimmune diseases. Even people suffering from cancer might get vaccinated with vaccines that contain certain viruses! The chance that a child or an adult should be excepted vaccination because of medical reasons would be almost impossible. In the Vaccination Bill those special situations when a person can not be vaccinated are tot clearly specified.

The vaccination will become compulsory firstly for the medical stuff, for those who work in the educational system, for people who work in the food industry etc…

In the vaccination bill there are no exception for those who refuse vaccination out of personal, philosophical and religious reasons. Many of our rights will be trenched upon! There will be no more freedom of choice for our body and our children’s bodies!

According to the Vaccination Bill, PNI (the National Immunization Program) will be “enriched” with new and new vaccines!

If it gets voted, this Vaccination Bill, will be applied since January 1st, 2018!

People protested against compulsory vaccination also on 17th of September 2017.

The protest in Bucharest was initially authorized in Victory Square, where protests are usually held because their visibility is higher. Mayor Gabriela Firea changed his mind at the last moment and on Friday she decided to change the place approved for protest from Victoriei Square to Izvor Park, towards the Parliament of Romania… Pictures from the protest in Bucharest are below.Besides  Bucharest, there have been protests in Timisoara, Iasi, Arad, Cluj.

13th of August 2017

17th of september 2017
Photos by Adrian Fluture.
17th of september 2017
Photos by Nicusor Busca.