Despre riscurile vaccinarii – resurse de informare: website-uri

Am listat mai jos website-uri care promoveaza dreptul nostru de a alege daca sa folosim sau nu vaccinuri pentru noi si copiii nostri. Acestea prezinta stiinta din literatura medicala despre riscurile vaccinurilor care nu sunt prezentate pe website-urile guvernamentale.

Website-uri care pun sub semnul intrebarii utilizarea vaccinurilor la copii:

  1. International Medical Council on Immunisation – medici si alte cadre medicale ce vorbesc despre vaccinuri
  2. World Association for Vaccination Education WAVE
  3. Dr. Russell Blaylock MD Learn the Risk
  4. Think Twice Global Vaccine Institute
  5. Stop Mandatory Vaccinations
  6. Informed Choice: Vaccine Ingredients
  7. The US National Vaccine Information Centre (NVIC)
  8. Beyond Conformity Beyond Conformity
  9. The Vaccination Information Network (VINE)
  10. A German Website Vaccine injury
  11. The influence of industry on medical research and government policy Over-vaccination
  12. No Forced Vaccines (New Zealand) No Forced Vaccines
  13. Promoting Natural Immunity ARNICA UK Parent’s Support Network
  14. Safe, Affordable, Necessary and Effective Vaccines and Vaccination Practices, SaneVax Inc
  15. Viera Schiebner
  16. In 2009 National Vaccine Information Centre (NVIC) a prezentat a patra Conferinta Internationala Publica despre Vaccinare “Show Us the Science Give us the Choice”
  17. VacTruth “Copilul tau, alegerea ta”
  18. Vaccinarea, dilema unui parinte, Vaccination Dilemma
  19. Hormones Matter
  20. Child Health Safety
  21. Vaccination Information Serving Australia: investigheaza inainte sa vaccinezi VISA
  22. What’s in vaccines?

Grupuri de consumatori:

  1. Generation Rescue Hope for Recovery, Generation Rescue
  2. The Australian Vaccination Network, AVN
  3. Vaccination Answers Informed Sources, VAIS
  4. Healthy Families Illawarra
  5. Vaccination Information Service Vaccination in Oz
  6. Sailhome
  7. Nature Matters
  8. Campaign for Truth in Medicine
  9. Think Twice Global Vaccine Institute, Think Twice
  10. Natural Health News and Scientific Discoveries, Naturalnews
  11. Vaccine Truth
  12. Vaccination Liberation Information
  13. The Refusers
  14. Outlaw Health
  15. Concerned Citizen Vax Info Start Here

Sursa: Vaccination Decisions – Pro Choice Lobby Groups

Alte resurse de informare: –> cautare dupa cuvantul “vaccine”